admin created this sample page in the Setup Wizard of the Tag Groups plugin. You can safely edit and delete it or keep it for future reference.

The following shortcodes use a variety of parameters so that you can get an idea of the options. Feel free to generate a new sample page with more features after upgrading the plugin.

Please find links to the documentation in the Tag Groups settings.

Tabbed Tag Cloud

[tag_groups_cloud custom_title=”We have {count} posts for this tag.” hide_empty=0 hide_empty_tabs=1]

Accordion Tag Cloud

[tag_groups_accordion separator=”|” prepend=”#” hide_empty=0 mouseover=1 heightstyle=content hide_empty_content=1]

Alphabetical Tag Cloud

[tag_groups_alphabet_tabs exclude_letters=”äöüß” hide_empty=0]

Created by Chatty Mango