Valonia is an expert organization for sustainable development in the municipalities of Southwest Finland

Valonia in an unbiased regional advisory organisation for municipalities and companies in matters regarding sustainable development. We offer a wide range of services to aid municipalities and companies as well as communities and citizens to promote sustainable development.

Our activities are guided by the following themes:

  • Building a Carbon neutral South-West Finland
  • Preserving biodiversity
  • Sustainable use of natural resources

Within these themes we carry out a wide range of activities concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy, circular economy, mobility management, water protection and wastewater management as well as sustainable public procurements and environmental education. We create co-operation opportunities, convey information and offer practical solutions to build a sustainable society.

We work to promote e.g. sustainable energy use, sustainable procurements, water protection and wastewater treatment, sustainable consumption, material efficiency and circular economy, sustainable mobility and environmental education.


Valonia’s office is situated in the same premises with the Regional Council of Southwest Finland (Linnankatu 52 B, 20100 Turku, second floor)

Please contact our staff in advance if you wish to visit us!