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8.9.2021 GreenSAM Online-Conference (10.00–16.00 Helsinki GMT+03:00)

Closer to age-friendly green mobility | How to engage seniors in the planning process?

The one-day virtual conference on the 8th of September 2021 „Moving closer to age-friendly green mobility“ will shine a spotlight on participatory planning approaches for senior-friendly green mobility options in Europe and on age-friendly cities. The knowledge that was gained during the three-year project period of GreenSAM will be shared with professionals and stakeholders in the field of age-friendly sustainable mobility planning. Prof. Dr. Charles Musselwhite and Ph.D. Susanne Nordbakke will enrich the discussion of the day with speeches on the ageing population and their particular mobility needs.

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9.9.2021 GreenSAM Online-Seminar (9.30–14.00 Helsinki GMT+03:00)

Closer to age-friendly green mobility | Skills for urban planners and mobility experts

The online seminar on the 9th of September 2021 focuses on the key findings of GreenSAM and helps planners and mobility experts from Europe to apply the knowledge in their practice. The main aim of the workshops is to share the project’s experiences and to increase the seminar participants’ own capacities in age-friendly mobility planning: What should my first steps be when I want to design an urban space in an age-friendly way? How can I encourage seniors to use rental bikes? How can I help older people adapt to digitalisation and new mobility services?

Lataa 9.9. ohjelma tästä (pdf)

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